There was a series of fortunate events that lead to the Jersey Finance project being a project we'll be proud to talk about for a long time. First one being a fact, that it was (primarily) done for a stereoscopic projection. The second one is that it was shown in Europe's largest IMAX theater, the Waterloo IMAX in London.
Knowing this, we rolled up our sleeves (that saying a lot, cuz it was February at the time) and dug ourselves into Jersey Finance. The experience of making a stereoscopic film was a thrill(er) and we insist there should be more project like this.
Thanks to the guys from The Observatory for trusting us with this one. And as always, a thankful bow down to Nejc Polovšak for making the magic work.

Creative Direction & Production: THE OBSERVATORY
Direction & Art direction: Nejc Polovšak
Motion Design: Nejc Polovšak
3D & Animation: Jean Žvan, Nejc Polovšak, Luka Tišler, Matic Grgic
Shading: Nejc Polovšak
Compositing & Color Grade: Jošt Skofič
SFX - Andrea Damiano