Lalaland was based in Ljubljana, Slovenia.
We no longer work together as a collective.

Lalaland can mean many things. For us, it represented a safe creative space, where worlds are created and are nurtured until they want to come outside and play.

You can still contact either Matic Grgic for animation services or Nina Marucelj for production services.
Producer & Partner
Nina has been on rotation throughout several roles in production ever since 2006. Each of these experiences, ranging from being an executive producer, a production manager and a 1st assistant director, are continuously being used to uplift the story or product her client wants to share. She is in constant search for quality collaborators, both in production and post production, with whom she wants to be a part of innovative projects that inspire it's audience. When she's not helping creating beautiful and unique content for brands or film, she's probably outside on the look for that perfect furniture piece that'll finally tie the living room together.
Art Director & Partner
Matic's journey has taken him from his beginnings in 2007 as an editor, a compositor, to becoming an animator with a strong taste for design. He's worked on many different exciting projects for both local and international clients, which have both helped him in achieving many of his childhood dreams, including designing title sequences for feature films and television shows. Though he spends a lot of his time behind the screen, he still day dreams of being an astronaut or a quantum physicist. If you like space, he'll probably like you.