A lot of magic happened here. We helped Nejc to sprinkle magic dust from start to finish. Thankfully, our magic wands didn't get tired one bit keeping up with the tempo and we'd all keep on going if it wasn't for the black magic manifested in the form of a deadline.
We consider ourselves lucky to have worked on such a wonderful project, as it's the type of animation we love the most. It's magic in motion.

Creative Direction & Production: THE OBSERVATORY
Direction & Art direction: Nejc Polovšak
Motion Design: Nejc Polovsšak & Matic Grgic
3D & Animation: Nejc Polovšak & Jean Žvan
Shading & Compositing: Nejc Polovšak
VFX: Luka Tišler, Matic Grgic
Color Grade: Jošt Skofič
Sound Design: Matjaž Moraus Zdešar