Meet Mr. Lopoly. He's new to this world. He doesn't yet know what's going on. *MAGIC* He now has a family. He's a husband and a father (twice!) and *MAGIC* they're now surrounded by mountains. And there's a valley *MAGIC* er....a city. The city is big and *MAGIC* now, there's a plane flying above it. And beyond. Around the world. Around the world. Around the world. With ALC.

Client: ALC
Creative + Art Direction & Design: THE OBSERVATORY
Production: LALALAND
Direction: Matic Grgic & Jean Žvan
Animation: Jean Žvan & Matic Grgic
Lightning & Render: Jean Žvan
Compositing: Matic Grgic
Colour Grade: Jošt Škofič
Sound Design: Matjaž Moraus Zdešar (