We got a chance to play a little game. The game was called: “1001-Cvet-Tea-From-Sad-To-Happy-Somehow-But-Use-The-Already-Existent-Designs-For-The-Flowers-And-Fruits-But-Actually-Everything-Else-Is-Kinda-Up-To-You-But-It-Needs-To-Have-A-WOW-NICE-Effect”. We played & loved the creative input we could pour into this project from start to finish. Best game ever! Monopoly, eat your heart out!

This project is still one of our favorites. Not because of the final result. Not even because of the process of making it. It’s because of the first impression / effect it had on the client. They loved it so much that they, by themselves & without a thought, offered additional budget just to make the whole commercial even longer. They simply wanted even more.

Client: 1001 CVET
Production: SUPER 16
DoP: Matej Kriznik
Post Production: LALALAND
Art Direction: Matic Grgic
3d: Jean Zvan
Animation & Compositing: Matic Grgic
Color Grade: Jost Škofic