In my experience, it’s an even bigger challenge when working on visuals for an idea or a product that’s really, really great and innovative. At least, that’s how I then (and still do) perceived the TeleTransfusion app. I was asked by the cool people from XLAB to design & create a presentation video for an app, that enables remote pre-transfusion testing. Without the app, pre-transfusion testing requires a 24/7 presence of blood transfusion specialists, which is basically impossible, as most blood centers do not have one available all the time. TeleTransfusion offers a solution to this problem & I felt great that I was able to help, at least in some capacity (& in my own manner), in bringing this app to the world.

If you’re into this kind of stuff, check it out! It’s simple, secure, works 24/7 and it takes seconds to start using. Sign up now –

Animated, rendered & composited in Blackmagic Fusion.
Client: XLAB
Art direction & Animation: Matic Grgic


Music used in the process video:
“Beach Wedding Dance” by Rolemusic