A Really Small Love Story

A really small love story. But it can still hold an atom together.

What’s the shortest path from here to love? In the quantum world, it’s zero, if you can alter function from particle to wave and back again. Also, keeping a high frequency of quantum love is super important, almost everlasting & will help in keeping the continuum to function properly. So, please make love.

Animated, rendered & composited in Blackmagic Fusion.
Short film by Matic Grgic
Music & Sound Design: Matjaz Moraus Zdesar
Massive thanks to hubblesite.org for their awe inspiring photos of space
Also loads of thanks to turbosquid.com & archive3d.net for their free 3d models
Last, but not least – thanks to Tarin Yuangtrakul for his wonderful Infinity font.

As the shortest path from here to love is zero in the quantum world, I though it’d be cool, if I shared the longer path from zero to "Quantum Love".

Music used in the breakdown & process video:
“The Life And Death Of A Certain K. Zabriskie, Patriarch” by Chris Zabriskie