Main Titles / Homage

The main titles for “GAJA’S WORLD” are a homage project disguised as a title sequence for a feature film. We consider these titles as a collage of influences. Similar to the main character of the film - Gaja, who’s 11 years old - we’ve also been under strong influences during the last 11 years. Or rather, our work has. So, underneath the title sequence is our tribute to awesome studios and amazing individuals (some living, some not) whose pieces of art have kept on inspiring us throughout the last 11 years. Thank you!

»GAJA'S WORLD« is a feature film by Peter Bratuša. It's a contemporary romantic family comedy with elements of a crime film. The film has already won several awards, including “Best Film of 2018’s Children Programme” at the 2018 Sarajevo Film Festival.

"GAJA'S WORLD" main titles were created with Blackmagic Fusion.
Design & Animation: Matic Grgic

The main titles for “GAJA’S WORLD” took us about two months to create, so we though they deserved a proper behind the scenes look at the creation process. Drum roll… curtains rise… enjoy!

Music used in the breakdown & process video:
"Far Apart" by Airglow